My wife and I just purchased her new (used) car from Lyon Alizna at Dodge McKinney. Lyon was awesome. We called ahead to test drive the car, as my wife had never driven that make or model before. Lyon had the car out front, running, with the heater on (it was wicked cold that day) when we arrived. Within five minutes, we were test driving the car. Unlike most dealers, we were NOT being beaten up on price and payment information. Instead, Lyon focused on telling us about the car, what features it had, and answering our questions. He really wanted to make sure we enjoyed the experience, and leaned about the vehicle. As we were test driving many (too many for me!) cars that day to find the right one for my wife, Lyon did not try the old "what do I have to do to get you to drive this home today" spiel. Instead, he gave us his card, and asked us to give him a call if we had any questions, or could help us in any way. We were about 3/4 sold right there. The car was wonderful, and we felt at ease with Lyon. But, we did want to try out a few more cars so my wife could be sure. After a day of hitting far, far too many dealerships, test driving far too many cars, my wife ONLY wanted to deal with Lyon, and only wanted that car. So, we headed back to McKinney and bought from Lyon. I need to state that everyone we talked to was very, very helpful. One of the managers kept coming over and keeping us company while we waited for paperwork. The finance guy was very helpful, nice, and efficient, and when I was getting some of the coffee, and couldn't find the splenda (I can't have sugar), TWO salesmen asked me if I needed help, and dropped everything to find me a packed of sweet and low for my coffee. I mean seriously, I have been to many, many dealerships in my day, and the customer service at McKinney is top-notch.
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