When you buy a full-size luxury sedan, you want it to look great. With the Chrysler 300, you will immediately notice more than a few exterior features that are certain to attract attention. From the wheels to the lights and everything in between, it seems as though no design feature has been forgotten with this one.

To begin, the Chrysler 300 has a distinctive look with its platinum chrome finish. You will notice this around the grille to start. This makes it look different than other vehicles in its class. The finish is also attached to the door handles and the outside mirrors.

You will also appreciate having a choice of wheels. How do nine different options sound to you? Choose from 17 to 20-inch wheels, some coming with an available chrome finish as well. To see the Chrysler 300 in action, just pay a visit to Chrysler Jeep Dodge City of McKinney and take it out for a test drive.


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